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Sandy Swider

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Who I am: I am a hotel executive turned executive coach and consultant sitting at the intersection of experience branding and professional/personal leadership development. I help leaders understand, own, articulate and live out their stories as well as the story of their product or service in order to drive impact.

Who I work with: I work best with passionate, positive, hard-charging leaders from whom the creative solution is elusive in the current overload.

What’s my story: My professional and personal experience is chock-full of brand clarification and reinvention, and I feel privileged to guide other leaders through the gray space of such exploration with hope. I thrive on complexity, change and people coming together to achieve more than they could even imagine.

What I do: I work alongside leaders looking toward what is next for themselves, their teams or their organizations. That may involve developing teams and high potential talent, elevating company culture and employee experiences and/or enhancing brands and customer experiences. I do that through a unique combination of provocative engagement, creative brainstorming and planning, program creation and encouraging support.

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