The Unstoppable Cultures Fellowship is an exclusive in-person masterclass designed to help you build and sustain a culture of enduring greatness in your organization. The experience contains three components:

Four-Day Retreat

A four-day retreat unlike any other at the Four Seasons Rancho Encantado Santa Fe from November 12-15, 2018. Space is limited to 56 participants.

Luxury accommodations and dining included in the price.

Group Coaching

A 3-month follow-up group coaching process with Ginger Hardage through Zoom. This is your chance to get time time with Ginger Hardage, Former Sr. VP of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines, recognized as a foremost global authority on building and sustaining corporate culture. Ginger accepts very limited consulting opportunities, so this is the best way to spend time with a true legend of culture!

Alumni Network

Membership into the Alumni Network includes access into an online portal for connection and collaboration as well as opportunities for in-person gatherings.

  • Attendance at a one-in-a-lifetime retreat combining intensive culture content, VIP experiences, and lots of fun
  • Access to a retreat concierge to help make sure all of the details are perfect
  • The opportunity to go through a follow-up coaching process designed by Ginger Hardage, and other coaches, to help your culture go from ‘here to there’ and that facilitates real, tangible change in your organization
  • Membership into an alumni network that supports your culture and celebrates your wins
  • A coaching environment for real-life culture issues to be discussed, wrestled with, and solved with peer advice and group think
  • Rare, personal access to the pioneers and architects of the world’s best organizational cultures
  • Association into a tribe of elite leaders who have decided to value culture above all else and who see culture as the ultimate competitive advantage
  • Small, intimate, personal, and hands-on – not your typical conference or seminar (at all!)

The Unstoppable Cultures Fellowship is geared for both corporate executives and culture leaders looking to enhance their culture or entrepreneurs and startups looking to build a lasting great culture from the very beginning.

The attendees at this experience will be the people who traditionally get asked to speak at other conferences.

  • The Retreat (everything but your flight, transportation to/from resort, incidentals, and additional alcohol)
  • 3 months of team coaching process with Ginger Hardage
  • Access to private Unstoppable Cultures Alumni Network
Individual Team of 3 Team of 5
Corporate $7,500 $6,500 / each $5,500 / each
Non Profit / Civic $6,500 $5,750 / each $5,000 / each
Prices includes luxury accommodations and dining

You are more than welcome to share your room with your spouse should they choose to come with you, but keep in mind that does not include participation in the event. For an additional fee of $1,200, your spouse may attend evening meals and activities with you. If your spouse would like to be a full event participant, ask about a special discount.

Yes – we expect this to be the case for most participants.  

The actual schedule and specific events will be held secretive until the event, but you can expect the following things at the retreat.

  • Talks and content from all four coaches
  • Panels and interactive Q&A
  • Small group discussion, breakouts with your teams and coaches
  • Personal meal time with coaches
  • Fun activities and competitions (Salsa making competition with your coach, anyone?)
  • Surprise, VIP experiences
  • Creative touch points to make the experience last a lifetime
  • Special guest leader appearance and interviews
  • Time to rest, dream, create, and explore


The experience is designed to help cause real tangible change in organizations. The retreat content is meant to inspire and walk through all the components of an Unstoppable Culture.

Day 1 :: Welcome / Intro to Unstoppable Cultures
Day 2 :: Share Stories Relentlessly
Day 3 :: Put People First
Day 4 :: Are Constantly Nourished

Follow up 3-month Coaching Process

The follow-up process has been crafted to be very practical and to provide the nuts-and-bolts needed to go implement and cause systemic cultural change.

Topics Include:

  • Establishing a Culture Infrastructure
  • Building Rhythms of Celebration
  • Implementing Systems of Recognition
  • Preserving Values and Tradition
  • Nurturing Your People
  • Creating Environments for Leadership Visibility

Details coming, TBD.

Yes! Think of this as a culture masterclass on steroids! We have carefully curated this experience to give you unprecedented, personal access to four individuals who have helped pioneer some of the world’s best organizational cultures. But, it doesn’t stop at just the learning. The follow-up coaching process is designed to help you take what you’ve learned and help you apply it practically in the context in which you lead. Our hope is that true transformation occurs in your leadership and your organizations!

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