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In Native American tradition, the tipi served as a place of fellowship. Their circular shape symbolized a sacred space. It was the cultural hub of the tribe. It’s durability provided warmth and comfort in winter, cool in the heat of summer, and dry ground during the heavy rain. The entrance always faced east – towards the rising sun, giving way for the western winds to drift onto the back of the durable animal skins. Like many other cultures, it usually contained a small fire for cooking meals inside.

Tipis were always well built, built to endure and last whatever came their way. The designs and symbols painted on the dwellings were unique and came from a place of dreaming of what could be. There were no duplicates. The dwelling was a place to honor individuals and families, for mothers to foster their children, and as a meeting place to share and to celebrate.

Similarly, your organizational culture can become a place much like a tipi – a place to put people first, a place of constant nourishment, a place to celebrate and share these stories relentlessly.

You are invited into The Unstoppable Cultures Fellowship:

A collective of leaders desiring to build and sustain a culture of enduring greatness in their organization.

A collective of leaders who will not let others define their culture, but who say they will be the ones to create it –
whether building it from the ground up, or replenishing one where the sun has quietly set.

A collective of leaders willing to go to whatever lengths to make their culture the absolute best – healthy, thriving, and always facing towards the rising sun.


Four-day Retreat

access to experts

A four-day retreat unlike any other at the Four Seasons Rancho Encantado Santa Fe from November 11-14 or 18-21, 2019. Space is limited to 56 participants at each.

The agenda mixes fun offsite adventures, surprise VIP experiences, special guest presenters, and unforgettable moments.

Luxury accommodations and dining included in the price.

Four Day Retreat

Culture Blueprint

A Tangible Plan

Throughout The Fellowship retreat experience, participants will work through a 4-day culture transformation program and ultimately develop their own Culture Blueprint based on content from presenters, ideas from others, personal dialogue with coaches, and best-practices from the world’s most admired cultures. Coaches will guide participants on a journey through all 3 Pillars and all 5 Elements of an Unstoppable Culture so that your culture, too, can be unstoppable.

This program is designed to give you an actual plan to implement in your organization. The personalized plan is aimed to achieve tangible culture change in your organization. Consultants steeped in culture transformations will be there to assist in helping take your Culture Blueprint off the paper and into reality.

Culture Blueprint

Alumni Network

Community with Others

Membership into the Alumni Network includes access into the UCF Fellows-only online community and invitations to all future UCF Gather events.

Current UCF Alumni may register for Gather here.

Unstoppable Culture Fellowship Alumni Network

3 Pillars of Unstoppable Cultures

A key element to building an Unstoppable Culture is powerful storytelling. For thousands of years, storytelling has the been the primary means through which human beings have passed along information, values and ideals. Think of your favorite movie, book or fairytale from childhood and chances are, there’s an underlying lesson or moral that is being taught through that story.

Unstoppable Cultures leverage powerful stories to align their organization and encourage their people to serve their external and internal stakeholders in an extraordinary way. Stories can serve as practical teaching moments that can help turn abstract ideals into measurable and rewardable behaviors.

Most organizations would make the claim that people are a key to their future success. However, organizations with Unstoppable Cultures can give specific practices and behaviors that prove they do so at critical employee touchpoints. They have built systems that not only develop and support their employees but also reinforce the values and the purpose of the organization.

Putting People First is all about taking good care of the people who serve your organization’s external stakeholders. Whether that’s customers, donors, students or the general public, putting people first in your organization will allow them to deliver outstanding experiences that further your organization’s mission.

An Unstoppable Culture is not a faucet that is turned on and off. The most effective organizational cultures are constantly and strategically being nourished. In the same way that you maintain your body, your automobile or a piece of machinery, your culture needs regular nourishment in order to operate at its peak performance.

For many organizations, culture is at best an afterthought and at worst an unintentional consequence. Unstoppable Cultures have a strategic plan that they execute, attempting to influence specific value- adding aspects of their culture. In short, Unstoppable Cultures do not happen by accident.